Terms & Conditions

For all market-related enquiries please contact the Market Managers on 0457 773 063 or managers@kiamaseasidemarkets.com.au or at PO Box 328, Kiama, NSW, 2533.

Stall Payment Fees (stall fee) (except “Community Groups" and “Service Clubs")

(All sites are approx. 3m x 3m)

  • Area A $65
  • Area B $65
  • Area C $80

Terms and Conditions of Booking and Payment

  1. Booking fee: A stall fee is a booking fee to have a stall space reserved for the opportunity to trade at the Kiama Seaside Markets (markets). An extra fee of $5.00 per stall is applicable for the first 3 times the stall is booked, after this period the fee is waived. ALL Stallholders must have Product and Public Liability insurance. When insurance is renewed a copy must be given to the market managers, failures to do so will result in being unable to attend the markets until a copy of insurance is handed to the market manager. Stallholders are not to sell any knock off brand items, proof of receipt of purchase will be needed for any brand named goods.
  2. Cancellation by Stallholder: It is not the responsibility of the market, if for any reason, a stallholder having booked a stall space is unable to or does not wish to trade at any market for which a stall fee has been paid. There will be no transfers or refunds to stallholders if they do not turn up on the day or elect not to trade on the day. A full refund or transfer of a stall fee will ONLY be given if notification of cancellation is received no later than 24 hours prior to the particular market day for which a stall fee has been paid, failing which, the stall fee will be forfeited. There will be no refunds or transfers on stall fees unless the market is cancelled by the Kiama & District Business Chamber.
  3. Cancellation of Markets: The Kiama Seaside Markets will operate each month unless cancelled by the Kiama & District Business Chamber prior to commencement of the particular market. The decision to cancel (or not to cancel) any market will be at the sole discretion of the representatives of the Kiama & District Business Chamber.
  4. Market Cancellations: Stallholders will receive notification of the cancellation of a Market Day via a recorded message on the Market’s mobile phone from 5:00am on the Market Day in question. (Market Managers reserve the right the cancel the markets up until 10.30am on the day). An administration fee of $20 will apply to all cancelled markets.
  5. Reserving a stall position: Stallholders who wish to occupy the same stall position on a regular basis must pay the appropriate stall fee one month in advance to reserve their particular position. Regular stallholders may, if they wish, pay more than one month in advance to reserve a particular stall position for subsequent months. Advance payments may be made to the Market Managers on the day of the market in cash or by cheque payable to Kiama & District Business Chamber. A receipt will be issued at the time of payment. If a stallholder is unable to attend a market but wishes to keep their stall position then the stall fee for reserving that space remains due and payable unless a replacement stallholder can be found by the Kiama & District Business Chamber.
  6. Selection of stall area: Stallholders who wish to transfer from a lower to a higher cost stall area, or from a higher cost stall area to a lower cost stall area, may do so by arrangement with the Market Managers at the time of booking a stall space for a particular market, however, relocation to a different stall area will be subject to availability of a stall space in the desired area for the market day being booked.
  7. Payment due date: All stall fees are due and payable five (5) working days prior to the scheduled market date. Please send a cheque or money order payable to “Kiama & District Business Chamber" to the address provided above together with a stamped self-addressed envelope for the return of a receipt.
  8. Register: Stallholders must complete an Application form and return it to the Market Managers. The market operators must keep an up-to-date register of all stallholders which must include the following: name; contact details; ABN number; Food Authority Notification Reference Number required for sale of food; details of any permits required by law; and insurance details and a hard copy of the current certificate of insurance in respect of each stallholder should be delivered to the Market Managers.
  9. Special conditions for food stalls: All stallholders who sell food must:
    1. Comply with the Food Act 2003 and the NSW Food Authority Food Handling Guidelines;
    2. Hold a valid temporary food stall permit issued by Council;
    3. Be registered with the NSW Food Authority;
    4. Hold current public and product liability insurance with a cover of not less than $10 million; and
    5. Provide a copy of each authority, permit or certificate of currency, as the case may be, to the market managers.
  10. General stallholder responsibilities: All stallholders must erect their stalls within the barriers marked (approx. 3 x 3 metres). Stallholders must provide their own stall equipment including tables, chairs, and tarpaulins. All stallholders must take away and lawfully dispose of and/or recycle their own waste.

Terms and Conditions of Entry and Exit on Market Day

Trading Hours are strictly 9am to 3pm


  • Gates Open at 7am. First-time attendees are requested to arrive at 7am.
  • All vehicles must enter from the controlled access points at Shoalhaven Street under the direction of the authorised traffic controller.
  • All vehicles must drive at walking speed with hazard lights on.
  • All vehicles must be parked in the designated Area “C". No vehicle is permitted on the Reserve while the markets are operating. No vehicle, stall, or structure, is to be parked or placed over the underground water storage tank at Area “B".
  • All vehicles must be off-site by 9am.
  • All Stallholders will be checked-in and verified by the Market Managers.


  • Stallholders are not permitted to leave before 3pm unless otherwise instructed.
  • All vehicles must drive at walking speed with hazard lights on.
  • All vehicles must leave from the two controlled access points at Shoalhaven Street under the direction of the authorised traffic controller (by left turn only).
  • All stallholder vehicles, stalls, structures, and waste, must be off-site when gates close at 5pm.

If this rule is not adhered to the stallholder will be issued one warning. If this rule is broken again the stallholder will lose their site.