Terms & Conditions


Essential Information: 

  • The organising body for Kiama Seaside Markets is the Kiama and District Business Chamber. Kiama Seaside Markets have been owned and operated by Kiama Business Chamber for approximately 20 years. The markets are operated under licence arrangements with Kiama Municipal Council and with conditions specified by Kiama Municipal Council
  • Licence conditions are not negotiable.  Kiama Business Chamber endeavours at all times, to ensure compliance with the licence conditions.

Location of the Kiama Seaside Markets:

  • Black Beach, Kiama Harbour, Shoalhaven Street Kiama, NSW

Trading Days:

  • Every 3rd Sunday of the month every month of the year, plus additional markets held on second Sunday in January, Easter Monday, Sunday of June Long Weekend, Monday of October long weekend.

Trading Hours 9am – 3pm.

Market Managers Contact:

Phone: 0457 773 063  Emailmanagers@kiamaseasidemarket.com.au

The Kiama Seaside Market Managers are the first point of contact for all aspects of the markets. Market Managers directions and decisions are final and binding.


  • By attending the Kiama Seaside Markets you are agreeing that you have read, understood and accept all of the following terms and conditions in full. The Kiama Business Chamber and their staff, the Kiama Seaside Market Managers and their staff cannot and will not be held liable for any losses, damage or legal action arising from conduct of stallholders or market attendees.
  • The Kiama Seaside Market Managers and Kiama Business Chamber will not be held liable for any claims made by customers against stallholders, regarding faulty, inedible or misrepresented products sold by traders at the market.
  • Any customer complaints regarding product, food or service sold at the markets will be referred to stallholder to address.
  • Stallholders are responsible for the security of their goods, equipment and monies.
  • The Market Managers and the Kiama Business Chamber are not responsible for any loss or damage to customer or stallholder personal items.

Stall Site Fees

Section A   

Section B   $65.00

Section C   $80

Section H   $65.00

3X3   $65.00

3X3  $65.00

3X3  $80.00

3X3  $65.00

3X6   $130.00

3X6  $130.00

3x6  $160.00

3x6  $130.00

3X9   $195.00

3X9  $195.00

3x9  $240.00

3x9   $195.00

  • Standard stall sites are 3 x 3.
  • Any sites larger than 3x3 are available on request with Market Managers approval and subject to site availability and payment of correct applicable fee.

Payment Procedures

  • All stallholder fees MUST be paid in advance of every market unless by arrangement with and agreement of the Market Managers.
  • All stall fee invoices emailed to stallholders will show payment terms ie specific date payment must be made by or number of days allowed to make payment within.
  • Payment terms MUST be complied with to ensure a site allocation is retained.
  • Fees are to be paid online by preference. 
  • EFTPOS facilities will also be available at the market.
  • Cash payments can only be made by direct deposit at any IMB Bank into the Kiama Business Chamber bank account. The bank account details are.
  • Account name, Kiama and district Business Chamber. The BSB number is 641800. Account number is 200769250
  • It is the stallholder’s responsibility to advise in writing (email or text) of the date and amount of the cash deposit. Please note that not advising of a deposit directly into the IMB may lead to non-admittance to the markets on market day.
  • Cash payments will not be accepted at the Markets on Market day at any time.

Stall Equipment

  • Stallholders must provide their own marquees or stall equipment, including electrical extension cords, all of which must be in good condition and tagged.
  • Market Management does not provide any stall equipment for hire or loan.
  • Kiama Business Chamber and Market Managers are not responsible for any damage to stall equipment or for any liability arising from faulty stall equipment.

Cancellation Policy

  • It is a requirement that stallholders pay their fees in advance.
  • Stallholders who cancel their booking after 5pm on the Friday before a scheduled market but before 7pm the night prior of any market will incur a cancellation fee of $20.
  • Cancellation by the stallholder after 7pm the night before the market will result in forfeit in full of stall fees. Failure to attend will also result in forfeit in full of stall fees.
  • Exemptions may be possible in an emergency but are at the discretion of the Market Manager.
  • If a Market is cancelled prior to the Sunday of intended trade due to adverse weather, stallholders will receive a credit of their prepaid stall fee, (less $20.00 Admin fee) for the following month.
  • If a Market is cancelled on the Sunday itself prior to 10.30 am due to adverse weather conditions, stallholders who are in attendance will receive a credit of their pre paid market fee (less $20.00 Admin fee).
  • If the Markets are cancelled after 10.30 am on any given market day, no credits will be given.
  • Cancelled markets will be advised from the time the market is cancelled by notification by way of a recorded message on the market managers phone and on the Kiama Seaside Markets Facebook page. This is usually at earliest 5.30am on Market Day but may be after 5.30am dependent on weather conditions.
  • It is the stallholder’s responsibility to contact the Market Managers phone if weather is uncertain and prior to departing or en-route. To check call 0457 773 063. If there is NO message the market is still on.
  • The Seaside Markets will operate each advertised market date unless cancelled by the Kiama Business Chamber or the Market Managers. The decision to cancel or not to cancel the markets is at the sole discretion of the Market Managers and/or the Kiama Business Chamber. The decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Stallholders who fail to attend a booked market or fail to give confirmed notice in writing to the Market Managers (via text or email) prior to 7pm the night before the market to the Market Managers will forfeit their fees for that market.
  • The Kiama Seaside Markets endeavour to have planned markets operate unless severity of weather conditions or conditions of the grounds render the market inoperable.
  • The markets will operate in varying weather conditions and stallholders must be prepared for adverse weather. Being in a unique area we do get strong winds at times, so please come prepared and ensure your gazebo is sufficiently weighted down allowing for all weather conditions. 
  • Management will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever resulting from adverse weather conditions.


  • All stallholders are required to have their own current Insurance. Insurance must clearly cover both Public Liability and Product Liability with a minimum of $10,000.00 insurance cover for the operation of a market stall.
  • It is the stallholders’ responsibility to ensure a current copy of insurances have been supplied to the Market Managers.

Stallholder Set Up and Ingres

All stallholders whilst approaching the market entrance gates and during setup are to be mindful of neighbourhood amenity and respect resident’s rights to a quiet residential environment.

Stall holders must NOT exit their vehicle until on the market reserve

  • All stallholders are to arrive from 6.00am (not before) and must be setup and ready to trade by 8.45am.
  • If a stallholder is going to be late they must contact the market managers at their earliest convenience or at the latest by 7.30 am.
  • No vehicle movements will be permitted after 8 am.
  • All stallholders will be allocated a numbered stall site prior to the market day in site areas  “A, B C or H”
  • Stall holders in area “A” site are to enter from Minnamurra Street only and enter the market site via Gate 1. Gate 1 is the first entrance gate left off Shoalhaven street from Minnamurra street- closest to the roundabout at the corner of Minnamurra Street.
  • Stallholders in sites “B, C and H” must approach Shoalhaven Street from Terralong Street, drive under the railway bridge that crosses Shoalhaven Street and access via Gate 2 which is the gate entrance directly right off Shoalhaven Street from the railway line cross over.
  • All cars are to be driven at walking pace (5klms or less) with hazard lights on from either gate entrance to allocated stall site.
  • Directions from Kiama Seaside Market staff MUST be observed at all times.
  • All stallholders are expected to park in approved areas only and/or as directed by Kiama Seaside Managers.
  • Parking at stall site in area A is not guaranteed and is subject to the location of your stall site and overall stall numbers, available space and at Market Managers discretion. If parking is not available at your stall site you will be directed to parking nearby on the market site.
  • No vehicle, stall or structure is to be parked or placed over the underground water storage tank at Area B.
  • All stallholders will be checked-in and verified by Market Managers.

Stallholder Pack Up and Egress

  • Stallholders must trade till 3pm.
  • While stallholders must trade to 3pm they are permitted to begin pack up from 2:30pm. This pack-up procedure must not disrupt neighbours or the aesthetic of the Market for our visitors.
  • Strictly NO vehicle movements are permitted prior to 3pm.
  • Market closure is at 3pm. Stallholders must cease to trade strictly at 3pm. All products must be cleared from the stall area by 3.45pm
  • For egress (exiting) all vehicles must proceed in a safe manner at no more than walking pace, (5klms or less) with their hazard lights on.
  • All vehicle exiting must be completed by 4pm.
  • Both access gates will be locked at 4.15pm and the Black Beach area is then made available to the general public again from 4.15pm.
  • Directions and instruction from Market Management must be followed at all times.

Categories of Stalls

  • There are two categories of stalls in Kiama Seaside Markets:- Regular and Casual.
  • All efforts will be made to enable regular stallholders to trade from the same stall site each market attendance. However -this is not a guarantee.
  • If a regular stallholder advises non attendance at a particular market and then changes their mind and advises they will be attending  - their usual site may have already been allocated to another stallholder. Once allocated stall site changes can not necessarily be accommodated.
  • All Casual stalls attend only by application and booking approval by the Market Manager.

Approved Products

  • All stallholders may only sell products that have been approved by Market Management and as listed on the stallholders’ initial application form.
  • Stallholders wishing to add new products to their stall must first apply in writing to obtain approval before introducing new products.
  • Stallholders may be asked to provide pictures of their intended product. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure they conform to any safety and compliance standards pertaining to their product.
  • No counterfeit goods may be sold.


  • All products and stall presentation must be of a high standard. Presentation is key to delivering a truly unique and high quality market. Stallholders can be terminated for failing to meet presentation standards.

Waste and Rubbish

  • Stallholders are required to remove their own rubbish and waste from their immediate stall location.
  • Boxes and cartons must be removed from the market area. Failure to do so may result in termination of your inclusion with future trading dates and a $30.00 clean up fee will apply.
  • The waste bins provided at the market are for general public use only.
  • Stallholders are responsible for leaving their site and surrounding area clean, tidy and undamaged.

Marquee Weights Compliance

  • Marquees must have minimum of three weights attached at all times, and any Market umbrellas need to have a weighted base with the umbrella stand able to be securely fixed to the weight.
  • We are a coastal event and do experience wind gusts from time to time. If stallholders do not have weights, they will not be permitted to trade for safety reasons.

Electrical Compliance  ** Access to power is strictly by approval only **

  • All electrical appliances and cords must be tested and tagged by a qualified electrical contractor in accordance with NSW Electrical Safety Regulations 2002 and subsequent amendments. Stallholders are encouraged to diarise for renewal.
  • Equipment & cords should also be regularly checked to ensure they remain in serviceable condition.
  • Stallholders with higher power needs e.g. cooking/refrigeration appliances should connect using a suitable ‘earth leakage protection device’.
  • Please seek advice from a qualified electrical contractor regarding the amperage draw of your equipment and seek professional advice prior to entering the Kiama Seaside Markets.
  • Double adaptors are not permitted for commercial usage under any circumstance.
  • Stallholders found with non-complying or unsafe appliances or cords will have power withdrawn without notice. Non-compliance may invalidate your insurance and cause risk of serious harm to the public, your employees and yourself.
  • It is essential that extension leads do not present a trip-hazard to the public. Excess cords must be coiled safely within the stall and not accessible to the public.
  • Exposed cords running between stalls must be either covered with mats or taped with waterproof tape - please bring these with you each week.

Food Stalls

  • All food stalls must be licensed. Please contact the Kiama Council, if you require information about obtaining a Food License.
  • Food stall applications will not be assessed without provision of a current NSW Food Authority.
  • Temporary Food Licenses must be displayed at all times during trading hours. These can be obtained from Kiama Municipal Council ph: 42320444
  • Correct health and safety procedures must be adhered to at all times.
  • Other than Service Groups or Community Groups, food stalls may not sell commercially bottled or canned soft drinks, as it is in direct competition with local cafes. (Water and healthy/unique options of drinks are to be discussed with Manager).
  • Approval from Management must be given before you change or add to your food stall or product range.
  • Other than Service Groups and Community Groups no hot food is permitted to be sold.
  • Market Management reserve the right to refuse any food stall that does not provide a point of difference to food available commercially in the Kiama CBD.

Emergency Management

  • Management will be providing a written copy of the Evacuation Procedure either online or hard copy at request. In the interim Evacuation is to take place via the closest gate access or street and stair access along the harbour pathway.
  • No vehicle movement is permitted during emergency evacuation.
  • Stallholders will be directed to wait in a chosen cleared area away from the market area until advised by Market Managers they can return to their stall site.


  • If you or anyone around you, requires First-aid, please contact the Market Manager immediately as they will have a basic first aid kit on hand for minor injuries.
  • Any serious injury must be reported to the Market Managers who will call an ambulance.
  • All incidents must be reported to management.


  • The Kiama Seaside Market precinct is a smoke free zone under NSW Law. The smoking ban includes all footpath, lawn and garden areas.

Social Media Policy

  • By attending the Seaside Markets you are agreeing to images of yourself and your stall being used for advertising in selected printed media, visual media and social media.
  • It is the stallholders’ responsibility to advise the Market Managers if they are not in agreement with their images being used.
  • Stallholders are asked to present positive messages about the Kiama Seaside Markets and their experiences with the Kiama Seaside Markets on social media platforms.
  • Negative comments or airing of grievances with Management or the Kiama and District Business Chamber on promotional pages owned by the Kiama Seaside Markets will result in immediate termination from the Market and possible disqualification from attendance at future Markets.
  • All grievances can be resolved professionally by other means- first point of contact is Market Managers or in the case of unsatisfactory resolution by email to the Kiama Business Chamber -Executive@kiamachamber.com.au

Sale or Transfer of Business/Stall

  • The Kiama Seaside Market enters into no permanent or written agreements about the location, placement and regularity with any stall/business.
  • Should you sell your business to another you are required to provide full written disclosure to Management.
  • Business/Stall owners are not entitled to promise, advise or instruct new owners of any ongoing arrangements with the Kiama Seaside Markets.
  • A change of ownership will result in the renegotiation of stall approval, placement and status with Kiama Seaside Markets in every instance. Please keep this in mind with any plans of sale or transfer of ownership of your stall. These terms are not negotiable.